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Creating an online platform that holds the capability to monitor the company’s employee’s productivity is what the client handed us over as an assignment. Using creative thinking skills, team ditinus came up with a blueprint, discussed the project with the client and delivered the required result.




Working on a minimalist design that includes an employee productivity monitor. Team ditinus worked up that idea by introducing certain attributes like the screenshot feature, which allows the employee’s system to capture screenshots of the screen at regular intervals of time, which further is uploaded on the server for the employer to observe. With that, another feature which was based on mouse movement and clicks was introduced, in case the mouse has not been used in a particular period of time, the employee’s status displays as idle or offline keeping in check with the enlisted guidelines in the programming of the same.


Other than that a separate database was built where employees could be assigned daily tasks and deadlines. With all this in the making, the client was satisfied and happy with the conceptualisation.




The desired web experience for the client was formulated with a fast-responsive interface that carried a simplistic view. All the required features were implemented and the final result was delivered.


The client was pleased with the out-turn.

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