Case Study

Aama Nepalese Cuisine

In collaboration with Cyber Ace.

Website Development, Logo & Digital Marketing

Aama Nepalese Cuisine had a big goal of bringing Nepal to Calgary through their amazing Nepalese dishes. They needed to create awareness so that customers all over could come and enjoy the goodness in their restaurant. Our team understood the mission and we set out to do the big work. Comparing colours and designs, discussing with the client, and working on marketing strategies, we helped Aama Nepalese Cuisine accomplish their goals.




After we had understood Aama Nepalese Cuisine’s concerns and targets, we formulated a unique plan and once our client had approved it, our team got to work. We built a user-friendly website with colours matching the restaurant. We set out with our strategized digital marketing strategies. From SEO to content marketing, we used industry-approved marketing methods to draw customers and audiences to the website. The logo we made for the client also sets itself apart.




Our client received a beautiful and professional website with clear-cut content that expressed the services of Aama Nepalese Cuisine. Our digital marketing drives a large audience to the page and the creative logo we made is so distinct and constitutes the branding of our client. We delivered excellently and Aama Nepalese Cuisine was satisfied. The good thing was our client stayed within budget.

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