Case Study

Copy and Supplies

Logo, Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development

Copy and Supplies requested that we build a website that reflects the company’s competence, a logo with a professional touch and a strong digital marketing strategy. Our team made meticulous notes, discussed with the client to know their targets, as well as produced an appropriate user experience for the situation, resulting in a relaxed client experience with us.




Team Ditinus did a thorough research about our client’s niche on each target and worked effectively in accordance with the enumerated requirements. A professional and workable website was created, as well as an outstanding digital marketing strategy and a captivating logo. All services were provided in an excellent manner with the client’s budget in mind. We maintained constant communication with Copy and Supplies and accepted any suggestions made.




We delivered a productive website that presents all of Copy and Supplies’ quality services in a professional and creative layout with a user-friendly format so that customers can find the right information on the website. A suitable logo that matches the website was provided. We moved on to the digital marketing aspect. We sorted through our marketing strategies and found the ones that could help boost the client’s customer engagement. The client’s satisfaction showed that we had spelt excellence.

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