Aama Nepalese Cuisine builds exclusive online presence with Ditinus Technology

Tucked away in a beautiful location in Cochrane, Alberta, Aama Nepalese Cuisine felt that authentic Nepalese food is a monument to a country’s culture and was ready to work hard to give ultimate excellence in culinary services.

For this reason, Aama Nepalese cuisine needed an eye-catching website to expand its client base. Ditinus Technology was prepared for the challenge, having all of the required resources and expertise to provide the best results.

The Distinctive Ditinus Difference

Ditinus Technology promotes the business of our clients with our highly successful digital marketing services and web development, which include strategy, internet marketing campaigns, keyword research, copywriting, social media marketing, optimization, and feedback reporting.


We focus on determining how SEO-friendly their website is and whether it is following the algorithm’s instructions. We also proceed to address any gaps in their website’s security. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients to the best of our ability and when Aama Nepalese cuisine learnt this and came to us, we were willing and determined to do what we do best.

Specific Requirements

Aama Nepalese Cuisine came to us with the following objectives:

What did we achieve?

After putting our intended goals into action, we managed to achieve the following:

Work Details

Excellent Reservation System

We delivered an easy to use ordering system which comes with a space for giving specific delivery instructions. The ordering system is designed in a way that the user can select each dish with their respective number in various categories. After your items are selected and added to the cart, you can move on to look through the selected items and the billing information.

The page further leads you on with pickup timing and finally the payment getaway with optimum user convenience.

Dynamic Menu Management

We built a unique menu page which is also dynamic in selective options. With this menu, you can select the specific number of each dish you require. The menu page is also divided into lunch, dinner, bar section and even coffee in order to help you in adding more options. This menu system can also be managed from the admin. The admin can add, edit or remove certain food choices under various specifications with various reasons.

Excellent Reservation System

With the help of technological tools like jQuery, PHP and others, we also developed a more advanced online reservation system that does not show dates that cannot be selected, and also hopefully works for time specification as well. The reservation system also has an admin operating section where the admin can approve or reject a reservation request when the date of reservation is packed with an event or other reservations. The admin can also block future dates which has been booked or impossible to work with due to an event and the results will reflect on the customer booking spot.

Easy to Navigate Home Website:

With the use of technological tools like PHP-Laravel, and HTML 5.0 we have created a side bar which can help you navigate through the website to access any information or action you intend to take. This sidebar comprises of the menu, contact and other sites with a reservation hyperlink.

Convenient Payment Gateway

The payment gateway that we created was simple to use and free of complexities. Stripe and push notifications allow one to complete the payment without any further complications.

The Major Challenges

We believe that challenges are basically part of any major breakthrough and this time was no exception. Luckily, due to the experience we develop upon each delivery over the past years, we are able to curb any challenges that arise in the middle of each project we work on.

Below are some of the challenges we faced:

Challenges with taking care of the possibility of Spam messages:

With an ordering system such as the one our team developed, there is always a possibility of spams in the Admin’s mail. With this in mind, we addressed the issue by implementing anti-spam tools to curb these challenges.

Payment Getaway Security System

Unlike the possibilities related to the occurrence of spam messages, Payment complications have low possibilities but much more sensitive since it can cause legal issues. As a result of the sensitivity of financial matters, Ditinus technology automatically recognized the security system of the payment getaway as a challenge that needs maximum attention. We have maximized the security for payment getaways with the use of spike and push notifications.

Technologies that were employed
in the Overall Project

Our Loyalty, Our Partnership, Our Project

Aama Nepalese Cuisine has accomplished an amazing success by utilising Ditinus Technology’s marketing services. We can proudly say that this was a successful operation that resulted in a happy client. To find out for yourself the uniqueness of our hard work on this project, visit the webpage of Aama Nepalese Cuisine at https://aama.cyberace.solutions/dinner


Aama Nepalese Cuisine has benefited from the solutions given by our team at Ditinus Technologies in terms of brand and marketing. Below are a few of the witnessed outcomes:

A wide spectrum of customer targeting

Better communication between Aama Nepalese Cuisine and its clients

Increased marketing

Functional website widgets

Improved internet presence and boosted brand image

Aama Nepalese was expanding in no time. It generated outstanding numbers of internet leads each month for twelve months. Ten of the twelve months fared better. Allow the Ditinus team to take you on an incredible voyage through all of the technical solutions we have in store for you.