Backend Development

This is the Cloud server model related to the Server, Authentication, Database, Automatic Notification, Data Validation, and Various Development process.

Backend Development will increase responsiveness and efficiency providers manage all aspects of the setting, running, maintenance, and Configuring the server.

  • Sever

    Administrator Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, Microsoft IIS, MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, DB2, and various model sever. Administering the server to reduce the budget cost and work more efficiently without bugs.

  • Authentication/Authorisation

    Trustworthy and secure user Authentication/Authorisation options for the Business Owner to stay safe.

  • Database Access

    Management of Database for Data Storage and syncing of essential data for Real-Time and Cloud Services.

  • Automatic Notifications

    Sending the wide range of Notification functionality for the Applications and APIs to website model and Mobile Application model.

  • APIs integration

    Integration of APIs for getting linked with Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more platforms. This Third-party APIs model functions for fetching data and many tasks process to get Database Collection.

  • Data Validation

    Database checkup to verify the correct data Detection. Running the Campaign needs Valid Database to work perfectly and every small or big Business needs Data Validation.

    The Major Factors that Data Validation are E-Mail Verification, Phone Number Verification, Social Media Verification, IP Address Verification, and much more verification Process Depending on Business requirements.