Digital Marketing - Search Media Marketing

Social media marketing is based on a social media platform likely as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat is the major Social media platform.

It's important for any company/organisation to build its Brand Awareness to increase sales and create a sincere audience for website traffic.

Average people spending time social media platform worldwide as per survey:

  • Age 16-24 approx 03:00-04:00 hours per day
  • Age 25-34 approx 02:00-03:00 hours per day
  • Age 35-44 approx 01:30-02:00 hours per day
  • Age 45-54 approx 01:00- 1:30 hours per day
  • Age 55-64 approx 00:45-01:00 hours per day
Specialised social media services:

It totally depends on the your requirement based on Business to Business(B2B) or Business to Customer(B2C). Then Choosing the platform which can fulfill all your requirement B2B or B2C.

Making Connection with typical client consider required for B2B or B2C.

If you Don't Know about your client don't worry about it, we are here to help you!

Content Development
Content Distribution
  • Strategy Roadmap
    1. Audit

      Record checking, PR(Public relation), SEO(Search engine optimisation), PPC(Pay-Per-Click), Grading Scale, Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Shareability Analysis, Meta titles, descriptions, Formatting, Keywords, Visuals, Content performance, Page/profile optimization, Engagement, Branding, Content Style, Messages Analysis, Optimization Analysis and more.

    2. Client consideration
      • Age,
      • Location,
      • Profile
    3. Success Metrics
      • Conversion Rate
      • Website Referral
      • Reach, post-view and engagement
      • Brand referring
      • Total Shares
    4. Creating and Managing Content
      • Images(banner)
      • Gif's
      • Videos
      • Blog Posts
      • Company News
      • Infographics
      • Polling/Survey
    5. Social Media Management Tool

      Social media management tools grant managing your social media appearance in one rooftop. These services manage social media, from scheduling, reporting, and engaging your audience.

      Tools used for it:

      Social Hub, HubSpot, Sprinklr, ScheduGram, Hootsuite, Buffer, Followerwonk and more as per your desired requirement.

    6. Tracking, Analysing, Optimisation Reports
      • Creation Account/profile/Business pages and Brand Awareness
      • Creation Account/profile/Business pages and Brand Awareness
      • Social media creation of account
      • Building and Maintenance of profile
      • Business page creation, editing, maintenance, and quality analysis
      • Brand Awareness through organic and paid systems
Content Marketing Strategy
Content Report
  • Content creation
    • Unique and catchy content
    • Title Content
    • Informative content
    • Slogan content
    • Infographics content
    • Brand Awareness content
    • Advertising content
    • Virtual Reality content
    • Testimonials content
    • EBooks content
    • Question and Answer content
  • Content publishing

    We service the complete series of the publishing lifecycle

    • Content creation
    • Editorial
    • Visual design and effects
    • Analysing
    • Page setup
    • Marketplace formation
    • and more as per your desired requirement
  • Research and analysis
    • Target Goal
    • Likes
    • Shares
    • Comments
    • Volume
    • Reach
    • Followers
    • Subscribers
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Word contextualization
    • Theme categorization
    • Industry trends
    • keywords and hashtag
    • and more
  • Brainstorm and Audience management

    Social media brainstorming management is done to create a new idea, content, design, tactics, etc.

    Social media Audience management is done to create a Customer Insight, Eye View, Integrate Data, etc.

    It will depend on the project type base.
    Advertising: Social media Advertising is important to get the right audience from the right platform.

    Every social media platform has different types of Advertising systems. The only keys to run your advertising on social media platforms with the best strategy and timing to get a better result on a cost-effective budget.

  • ROI (Return of Investment) Calculation

    Social media ROI is the sum of all actions that spend the expense and its outcome from it.

    ROI objectives as brand awareness, revenue, customer satisfaction, etc

    • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Goals and business objectives
    • Track results
    • Values to KPIs
    • Analysing results