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Fruits Care Agro establishes its brand with ditinus technology

Fruits Care Agro is one of India’s most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural- based products, and services from fruit security to packaging and more. About half of India’s population is into agriculture and hence Fruits Care Agro needed a unique brand, a suitable business logo design complemented with a professional website to target and increase its consumer base and sales of their agro products across the country especially the northern part of India.
Ditinus Technology was up for the task. Our partnership with Fruits Care Agro brought leverage and great solutions.

The distinctive Ditinus difference

We at Ditinus Technology define success as the satisfaction of our clients who work and trust us to deliver excellently. Fruits Care Agro is not an exception, and this is how we created our strong bond and workability environment with the client…

Our world-class solutions and results

With our special step-by-step approach in understanding the client’s needs (Fruits Care Agro), it is no surprise that positive feedback was seen in our client’s business. Let’s stroll through some of the amazing benefits Fruits Care Agro was rewarded from its partnership with us.

We provided a professional PHP-based website for Fruits Care Agro which...

We also provided a suitable business logo design for Fruits Care Agro which...

We also helped Fruits Care Agro in leveraging its brand which...

A shining example of dependable, scalable assistance!!!

Fruits Care Agro has reached incredible feat using Ditinus Technology’s services to support its marketing. The quality website we provided has enabled Fruits Care Agro to reach and distribute over
large geographic locations. To know more about Fruits Care Agro and their services, visit their website on 

A big cheers to Fruits Care Agro for choosing us

A big cheers to our Ditinus Technology team for delivering excellence.

Fruits Care Agro increases organic leads by 153 percent with Ditinus technology

Ever been bogged down with the stress of reaching a great number of audiences who could be potential customers. Well, one thing is certain, Fruits Care Agro won’t go through that ordeal. When Fruits Care Agro got its brand established through Ditinus Technology, its next priority was to look for solutions to reach out to the right customers from the Agricultural Industry.

With our trust established through the branding success, we at Ditinus Technology proceeded with the diligent task of targeting the appropriate agro audience and consumers who required the client’s services and products. We incorporated widgets that could draw or target the audience. From lead generation outsourcing to organic leads. In all, Fruits Care Agro saw a great shoot in organic leads which was more than 100%. The closing ratio for outbound leads increased as well.

Our outsourcing effect

Fruits Care Agro outsourced the lead generation process to Ditinus Technology to ensure...

“Guess what? Ditinus Technology delivered just that and in a unique style.”

Our loyalty, our partnership, our project

Fruits Care Agro’s partnership with us keeps growing with our client’s ever-growing trust in our team to deliver whenever we are called upon.


“We partnered with Ditinus Technology in September 2018 but the benefits we have enjoyed from them outweigh the short time that we have met. We will continue to reach out to them. We are even trusting them to help acquire some employees for us through their Recruitment Service.”


Our next project for Fruits Care Agro is to use our dependable Human Resource and Management service to procure four capable personnel for two locations who will undergo a remote training process.

In collaboration with CyberAce


Fruits Care Agro has leveraged its brand and marketing through solutions presented by our team at Ditinus Technology. Some of the results Fruits Care Agro has seen include;

Today it is Fruits Care Agro, you can be next. Hop along and allow the Ditinus team to take you on an amazing ride through all the technical solutions we have in store for you.