Gate of India is a renowned place for delicious Indian cuisine; it serves authentic East Indian cuisine. This is a family restaurant that welcomes people of all ages to Dine-In, Take-Out, Delivery, Lunch Buffet, and Catering. Gate of India needed a professional site purposely for food pickup and delivery and we provided more than just that.

The Distinctive Ditinus Difference

As a web design and eCommerce development business, Ditinus Technology believe that broadening your coverage is critical. Our forte is digital marketing, keyword research, copywriting, social media marketing, optimization, and feedback reporting.  


When it comes to our clients, we assess how SEO-friendly their website is and if it follows the algorithm’s guidelines. We also resolve any security flaws on their website. Our primary goal is to provide the finest possible service to our clients.

Specific Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for the project:

Work Details

We developed the following features with the help of JQuery, WordPress, and JavaScript technical tools:

Professional Website

We designed a highly professional homepage with an exclusive navigation bar using PHP-laravel and HTML 5.0 to make browsing the site easier. This navigation bar has the menu section, contact information, catering section, table booking and a login link for admin use. The page also has a section for customer testimonials and business operating hours with social media links.

A lively Food Menu

With the help of PHP and Animate css, we built a zestful menu system with selective animation considering absolution of UX/UI. The menu was a built in a way that the data populates from the database with the help of JQuery. The menu is separated based on its specialty and anytime the user is moving to another specialty, the page do not load, it shows spontaneously with animation effect.

Trouble-free Ordering System

After the user has selected the food of their choice, the user can edit their food quantity or delete a selected choice then proceed to checkout or continue to add more options with the continue shopping link. The checkout link leads you to a page where the user can add more options, add a tip, apply discount tips and most importantly give delivery instructions.

Impressive Delivery, Pickup System and Payment System

After ordering the food of your choice and checking out, the page leads you to two options, the delivery option or the pickup option. Even though these two options are far from similar but their similarity was evident with the time slot and the date as well.


The dates and time before the time for pickup or delivery is not active since the user cannot order in the past. Also with the delivery system, there is a section where the user must select their address for delivery with the help of Google maps for precision. The distance of the delivery determines the charge for the delivery and it was measured as per the multiples of 5 to


15km which is the longest distance for delivery as per the Client’s request. The delivery charges as per each 5km was made to be calculated in routes rather than radius or the like. With the help of secured square payment processor, we built an easy to process and user-friendly payment system with no complications.

Catering and Table Booking Sites

Considering the organization of the services of the business, we created a page for catering services and booking services, where the user can request services for either wedding, or cooperate events by filling a form with the estimated guests and choice of food.

Challenges Faced

In every project that we have handled along the years, there’s no doubt that challenges are inevitable, but with the experience we build along, we are able to repress any challenges in an ample amount of time. The major challenges we came across were the delivery system and the menu.

The time and dates, as well as the address was quite tedious to handle since there was a load of data collection which required directive expertise. The menu on the other hand was also challenging as a result of data populating from the database but with the help of JQuery, the situation was handled perfectively without any future altercations.

Technological Tools Utilized


The ultimate product was a simply-operated website that allowed consumers to effortlessly place orders online. The site had a visually appealing main page with easy menus that allowed customers to choose from a wide range of alternatives.

Consumers were urged to use the discount code system on the checkout page to purchase orders online. The website was a big success, and Gate of India saw an increase in both online orders and overall business growth. Ditinus delivered a fantastic delivery, and the cooperation was a success. Call us right away and we’ll get you out there!