IT Support and Backup Service

Nowadays Technology is advancing rapidly to catch up with competitors and maintain the position in business is the Aim for everyone.

Ditinus Technology PVT provides IT Support to help to grow your business to achieve the desired target with saving of Time & Money.

Our IT Support Services will make your Business platform Small or large a Secured Structure, CRM & Tech Solutions with our Professional team provides Support 24*7.

Ditinus Technology PVT offers IT Support Services:

Website Maintenance:

The online world is full of tricks & Puzzles, where the ecosystem in the online world consists of search engine browsers, gadgets & Operating systems that are rapidly advancing.

Business is facing the challenge of Technology & Advancement to keep the business up to mark.

Benefits of Website Maintenance:

  • Cost-effective Platform
  • Online assets end-of-life
  • No distractions
  • Secured Business
  • Tech Professional
  • Quick Action
Application Maintenance:

Nowadays 24*7 business environment, the application failure or sudden error types that can annoy the end-users & can ruin your bottom line.

Our Professional Team will provide Support in troubleshooting, monitors key performance indicators, Security, configuration issues, software installations & routine maintenance.

Benefits of Application Maintenance:

  • Cost-effective
  • Risk-Free
  • Improvement in ROI
  • Workflow Performance
Application Maintenance
CRM Maintenance
CRM Maintenance:

Business requires sales, marketing & Services cybernetics system trouble-free integrated way for customer action & Interaction.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is the organised platform for the business section to assemble the Customer Data for staging.

Our professional team will assist in improving ROI, lower TCO, Cost-effective, Enhancement module, system architecture, operation system, troubleshooting & Security.

Fulfilling all desired requirements.

Benefits of CRM Maintenance:

  • Cost-effective CRM
  • Technology - CRM / DRM / HRM – Laravel, PHP, Codeignitor, Angular, JavaScript, Node JS.
  • Improvement ROI
  • Low TCO
  • Performance & Speed
Network Maintenance:

Business requires the network to get connected to in-house, branches, vendors & Customers.

Our Professional Team will handle the daunting task to manage the business network as file management, domain name server, protection in email, Matrix, FTP, Backup, SSL, Band Width, Software setup, Windows server(any version), SQL Server, LAN, WAN, Firewall, Linux server, Proxy server, Mail Server, server platform, web server, Application server, FTP server and more.

Technology - C-Panel server, SQL Databases, CRM / DRM / HRM – Laravel, PHP, Codeignitor, Angular, JavaScript, Node.

Benefits of Network Maintenance:

  • Stay a Head in Business rank
  • Growth Management
  • Threat Identification
  • Gain ROI
  • Upgradation
Network Maintenance
Website Maintenance
Security Maintenance:

Business Security is an important factor to keep the system and data protected.

Our Professional Team will provide protection to the business from virus, hacker & error, they will focus on the Cyber core, Encryption, Managed End Point, Dynamic Patching, Security analysis, Firewall handling, Identify Email Scammer, Dark Web Scan, Incident Management.

Ditinus Technology PVT is BullGuard Authorised Partners for the territory of USA & Canada providing the best & effective platform to increase security to the Internet Network & gadgets.

BullGuard also detects and prevents the cyber attack with ranked as the most effective tool in the online world for protection, sheer performance & very easy to use.

Benefits of Security Maintenance:

  • Data Protection
  • Firewall Protection
  • Threats Protection
  • Network Protection
  • End-Point Protection
Troubleshooting Maintenance:

Business will grow in the online world to make revenue and build relationship only when the customers are satisfied by your business services/Products.

Sometimes the error arises due to any reasons as a security breach, server error, etc.

Our Professional team provides support to the customer 24*7, they detect and resolve the error, making your online business workflow smoothly & effectively.

Benefits of Troubleshooting Maintenance:

  • System Improvement
  • Quick Solution
  • Future Secured
  • Security Controlled