Mytechvisor benefits from brand exposure with Ditinus technology

Mytechvisor is a team of skilled technicians, situated in Calgary, Alberta that offers tested and cost-effective solutions for any technology-related problems. They uphold the highest levels of craftsmanship and professionalism while offering hardware and software support and making each client happy.

Due to the necessity for a distinctive exposure of the tech support business, Mytechvisor decided to enlist the help of Ditinus Technology for a unique brand exposure. Ditinus Technology approached the assignment with optimism and intuition and produced a superb outcome.

What made Ditinus the unique choice

Every customer is satisfied with Ditinus, because we use our very successful digital marketing services to promote your company. Our services include website design / development, UX/UI Design, application development, software development, internet marketing campaign, keyword research, copywriting and content development, social media marketing, optimization, and feedback reporting. We take our time to deliver the best results to our client by:

Consistently communicating with our client on the best course of action.

Conducting effective Research on new market trends

Meeting deadlines with effective results

Observation and consistent betterment of our delivery

As a result of our thorough and detail-oriented services, we made quite a name for ourselves with the excellent brand exposure we provided to our special client. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible rewards that

Mytechvisor received for working with us.

We assisted Mytechvisor in exposing its brand and building a distinctive online presence, which has delivered effective advertising and marketing, boosted client loyalty, and improved customer recognition.

Mytechvisor now has a polished wordpress website from us that is excellently designed with good information architecture, has a faster loading time, web compatible content and lead generation process.

We also completed UX design in pre-production to ensure strong information architecture.

What did we intend to Achieve?

This is what we intended to achieve with our client to reach the anticipated outcome…

What did we achieve?

After putting our intended goals into action, we managed to achieve the following:

Details of our Work

By utilizing the services of Ditinus Technology to assist with its marketing, Mytechvisor has accomplished an amazing achievement. Mytechvisor has been able to achieve the peak that was anticipated because of the high-quality website we provided. Below are the various details of our work….

We took our time to understand the services of Mytechvisor and the requirements of our client

When it comes to online marketing, understanding the services of our client is something that we take very seriously. We analyze every detail, heed to client demands, provide our supportive technical advice and provide the best outcome.

Provided well-versed Content Writing with efficient SEO techniques

To increase the site’s rating on Google, we created efficient content with proper keyword intensity. We also considered content structure and placement in the website for effective readability.

Provided an Easy to navigate and eye catchy website:

Ditinus Technology worked as a team to develop a professional website with amazing features that gives an exclusive User experience. Below are the features that were implemented:

A Navigation bar with quick links that leads to every part of the site.

A business and smart home hyperlinks that leads to various service demands with interesting infographics on respective basis.

The Homepage comprises of steps involved in using the services of My Techvisor, FAQs with detailed answers and Testimonials from happy customers.

A standard information architecture

SEO compatible content

Challenges We Faced

Challenges are inevitable and we had our share of that. Below are some of the challenges we faced on this project…

Challenges are inevitable and we had our share of that. Below are some of the challenges we faced on this project…

Our major breakthrough is owed to the best content we developed for this project and the structure in which it was delivered. Writing good content is good but knowing how to place your content in the website is what makes the difference. We managed to deliver the best results by giving the right information at the right place in the site and producing well-versed and catchy content in every corner of the website.

Link Buildup

We also had a few challenges with the link buildup which was tended to and worked on with perseverance and the necessary skills.

The Technology Employed in the overall Buildup

Excellent Results Achieved!!!

The results that was achieved was immaculate. Mytechvisor has now gained the distinctive online presence in many different locations. Ditinus Technology developed every inch and perspective of this project and with the years of success and experienced gained, we did wonderful work again and have once put a smile on the face of our client!


Reach us for any concerns of digital marketing and brand exposure, we will put a smile on your face too.

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