Pizza Circle

Pizza delivery web application

Pizza Circle, located in Fairmount, Calgary, is well-known not just for its delicious pizza but also for its low prices. They approached Ditinus Technologies to design an online ordering website that would allow consumers to easily place orders, explore menus, and stay up to date on special deals. Our team rose to the occasion and produced a WordPress website that met the client’s objectives.

Why Ditinus Technology?

Ditinus Technologies is a reputable web design and development firm that provides a wide variety of services to a global clientele. We have successfully executed projects in a variety of digital services for startups, SMEs, and corporations throughout the years. We focus on offering a wonderful experience for users visiting your website, which leads to a rise in leads, sales, and income.

We are a technology-driven organization that mixes design aesthetics with technology to provide outcomes that help our clients’ businesses flourish. Pizza Circle came to us with high hopes knowing our reputation and typical sense of duty and once again we did what we do best, putting a smile on the face of our client.

What was the Goal set to be achieved?

For every project that we embark on, we set goals to keep us on our toes so that we wouldn’t deviate from the objectives. Just like any other project, we take our client’s requirements into careful consideration. Our team takes every little detail into account, work in timings to meet deadlines, deliver extensive solutions, and finally observe and correct any mishaps to deliver the best outcome.


The major purpose of Pizza Circle’s website was to create a user-friendly online ordering experience. The website required an appealing home page that displayed special deals and encouraged customers to place orders online. It also


necessitated the creation of two unique pizza menu sites, one for perusing the menu and the other for ordering online with pizza customization possibilities. To encourage customers to place orders online, the website also included a promo code system on the checkout page.

Detailed Information of our Work

Our team designed a visually spectacular, easy-to-navigate WordPress website for Pizza Circle that was basically geared for online ordering. The following distinguishing characteristics were sought:

Distinctive Homepage

The Homepage is created in such a manner that it is simple to browse and includes a purchase online link, making it easier and more straightforward for the user. Aside from the user-friendly navigation bar and the order online inscription, the homepage is also designed with catchy content and good content structuring with basic information about the timings of operation, special offers and combo meals, and popular categories to encourage customers to pursue and place orders. The page also has a section for testimonials and reviews from customers.

Easy Online Ordering System

The ordering system was the most important part of our work, it was the basic requirement that was imputed. There are many pizza websites on the internet but a web application with an online ordering system is quite rare and demands absolute involvement. When you click on the order online, the site will lead you to another page where you can place your order with your preferred number under the “all section”, select half and half or you can also choose different special categories or build your own pizza with special delivery instructions.

Simple Payment System

A secured payment system is a must for every web application for ordering and delivering. The payment system is also a sensitive aspect and we took that very seriously. With the help of stripe payment processor, we created a secured payment system with no future altercations.

Back-end Admin Customization System

The site was designed considering UI/UX effectiveness. It gives control for the admin to accept and attend to orders and also customize ordering options. The admin can edit special offers, popular combos and special categories including their pricing in day to day activities.

Challenges and Solutions

We faced various challenges throughout the project but our major challenge was establishing a secured payment option which was curbed and the half and half selective option. With the half and half option, the toppings, crust and size of the first half was overriding but with the help of advanced technological tools like the elementor page builder, we came out with successful outcome.

Technological that were Utilised
in the Process

The Results We Achieved

The end result was an easily-operated and handy web application that allowed users to easily make orders online, see the menu, and keep informed about special deals. The site included a visually appealing main page with a simple menus that allowed users to easily personalize their pizzas.

Customers were encouraged to place orders online by using the discount code system on the checkout page, and the “Build your own pizza” feature created a unique and fun ordering experience. The website was a huge success, and Pizza Circle experienced an increase in online orders as well as overall business development. Wonderful delivery by Ditinus with the great partnership established. Contact us today and let us get you out there!

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