Digital Marketing

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Who can MAKE CAREER IN Digital Marketing?
·         Fresher and Jobseekers
·         Experienced Professional
·         Business owners

Digital Marketing Course Modules
·         27+ modules
·         Job assistance
·         Live Project Training
·         Interview Preparations

Growth Hacking Techniques
·         Learn how to optimize a website
·         Analyse your competitor website
·         Advanced website optimization

Master Classes 
·         Learn how to earn more money
·         Learn from the Digital Marketing Consultant 
·         Career guidelines and interview preparations

Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques
·         Learn advanced Internet Marketing Tips and Techniques
·         Execute effective Digital Marketing strategies
·         Influence Marketing

·         Introduction to Internet Marketing
In our Digital Marketing course, you will learn full concepts as well as the latest trends in Internet Marketing.

·         Website Designing
In this course, you will learn about the basics of website designing and development.

·         SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
In this module, you will learn about how to increase the rankings of the website organically.

·         Blogging
Learn how to make a professional blog and start earning.

 ·         Google Webmaster Tool
In this module, you can analyze all the details of your website and track all the organic traffic.

·         Google AdSense
Learn how people are earning online.

·         Branding
In this module, we will teach you how to expose your business as a brand.

·         Online Reputation Management
In this module, we will teach you how to promote your business online and maintain its reputation.

·         Local Advertisement
Publish your business on Google Listing and promote your business locally.

·         Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing is one of the trending concepts that help the business to connect with its target audience.

·         E-commerce and Payment Gateway Integration
In this module, you will learn how to become a successful e-commerce business marketer.

·         YouTube Marketing
Be a successful YouTuber and start open your channel and learn how to viral your video.

·         Social Media Optimization
Social Media is one of the powerful tools in Digital Marketing to reach a wide range of audience and help you to expose your business as a brand.

·         Email Marketing
Learn how to send business offers to your targeted customers in a bulk without spamming.

·         Website Planning
·         Search Engine Optimisation
·         PPC Advertising And Google Ads
·         Remarketing Strategies And Google Ads
·         Mobile Marketing                
·         Search Ads
·         Online Displays Advertising
·         App Installation Ads
·         Video Marketing Ads
·         Webmaster Tools
·         Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy
 ·         Content Writing
·         Keyword Planner
·         Content Marketing
·         Lead Generation for Business
·         Email Marketing
·         YouTube Marketing
·         Affiliate Marketing
·         Online Reputation Management
·         YouTube Marketing
·         And more.