Vendor Relationship Management

We Develop the Successful Vendor Relationship Management that inlines all the process of Organising and making the easy- easy working platform also engaging the relationship builder and impressive features that all Fulfilling the Customer Desired Wish.

We Follow the Development Process in the last Industrial Trends to provide your customer with a more Effective & Affordable process System.

VRM key Features:

Relationship Development - Developing a Cooperation outlook within the gross outsourcing organisation process.

Contract Development - Guiding on contract Analysis. Secure Task and deliverables are managed, tracked and reported.

Governance - Administer governance forums, calendars and follow up actions. Supplying process on strategy generation or extent management processes.

Finance and Commercial - Secure financial control through Accounting & Debt management. Securing the service credit tool drive correct behaviours.

Multivendor Integration - Developing & maintaining the roadmap for service provider level & agenda. Organise & workflow of service integration cooperation.

Issue & Dispute Management - Secure disputes are managed Monitoring and Cite. Organise contract issues through the robust effectuation of frameworks.

Performance Management - Organising vendor performance through SLA management, Analysis and trending. Providing dashboard Analytic system.

Request Management - Evaluating new service requests & analysing abutting the contract. Blending of approved service appeals into VM processes.

Transition & Transformation Oversight - Supervision move & modification planning, Analysing, reporting and alter management. Operating vendor account Entry behaviours.

Vendor Risk Management - Assessment of vendor risk management frameworks. Conducting risk management Audit of vendors.

Document Management - Securing main documents and contractual value are managed: Site up storage Data Bank, Expanding process documents.