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Unlock your outsourcing potential with Ditinus’ dynamic and dedicated team, propelling your business to new heights of success.

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Outsourcing Services

dedicated team

Dedicated Teams

Unlock your outsourcing potential with Ditinus’ dynamic and dedicated team, propelling your business to new heights of success.

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pay-as-you-go outsourcing model

Pay as you go

Embrace agility and cost control with Ditinus’ pay-as-you-go outsourcing model, empowering your success with flexible payments and collaborative solutions.

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software development

Software outsourcing

Empower your software development with Ditinus – unlocking expertise, cost savings, and agility for digital success.

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outsourcing IT recruitment

Recruitment empanelment

We are the top pick for outsourcing IT recruitment, offering unparalleled industry expertise, access to a vast talent pool, streamlined processes, and customized solutions.

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digital customer

Digital customer

We stand out as the premier option for digital customer experience outsourcing, offering unmatched expertise, innovative technology solutions, and tailor-made strategies to deliver exceptional results.

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Unlock Technological Potential With The Power of IT Services Outsourcing

We specialize in IT services outsourcing, offering businesses a streamlined approach to managing their technological needs. Our team of experts excels in several IT services including software development, cybersecurity, and network management, providing tailored solutions that elevate your business and maximize ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions


IT outsourcing services refer to the practice of assigning various Information Technology (IT) functions, or projects to external service providers. These providers specialize in offering a range of IT-related services to meet the technology needs of businesses.

As a provider of IT outsourcing services, we offer Hybrid Mobile App Development, Custom Software Testing,  Software Development, Cloud Computing Services, and Enterprise Solutions, among several others.

Prior to project initiation, we guarantee your peace of mind by signing an NDA, proof of our obligation to safeguard your data. With this surety, rest assured that your data’s security is in capable hands, enabling you to explore software development outsourcing with us.
Pay-as-You-Go Outsourcing is a flexible service model where you pay for IT services only when you use them. Instead of committing to a fixed contract, you’re billed based on the actual hours, resources, or services used.

You can access a wide range of IT services, including software development, maintenance, support, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and many more. The flexibility of this model houses various business requirements.

Pricing is based on the resources used, such as hours worked, virtual machines, storage, or specific services used. You’ll receive detailed billing reflecting the actual usage.

Reputable providers prioritize data security regardless of the model. Make sure your provider adheres to strict security measures and adheres to compliance standards.